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General Dentistry in West Palm Beach

Our office is proud to offer comprehensive dental care of the highest quality to patients of all ages. From thorough oral examinations that allow us to detect and treat potential problems in their earliest stages to professional cleanings and fluoride treatments, we provide an extensive range of options that are ideal for preserving and improving the dental health of every member of your family. Additionally, we are pleased to have the resources and ability to perform many general dental procedures for our patients here in the West Palm Beach area, including root canals, extractions, and routine surgery, in our office, without having to refer cases to other practices.

General Dentistry Basics

Your first visit to our dental office in west palm beach will include a thorough dental exam by the dentist to order to make an initial assessment. A preventative plan will be put into action, where you will come in for regular check-ups that will include:

• Adult Cleaning and polishing: The cleaning will consist of removal of tartar, which has hardened on the teeth over time, along with the sticky plaque that has formed over the teeth. Plaque is a formation of bacteria and build up that will eventually cause inflammation. The instruments and technique we use will safely remove this build up. Followed up by polishing that removes stains and further removes anything that may have been missed in the cleaning.

• Gum evaluation and treatment: Your gums and the bone supporting the teeth will be checked for disease.

• Oral cancer screening: The lips, tongue, throat, neck and gums are examined for any possible signs of oral cancer.

• X-rays: A full set of SAFE x-rays are performed and are crucial for giving the dentist information that is not always seen in the exam such as bone loss, development deviations, abscesses, teeth coming in at the wrong position, tumors and other issues hiding within the teeth and gums. Early detection is important in treating many oral health issues.

• Investigation of existing work: Checking current crowns, bridges, fillings, etc. are done to check for any damage or need for replacement. We offer quality general dentistry here in the West Palm Beach area - please call us if you have any questions, we'll be happy to hear from you!