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Our patients are our best source of advertising. They'll tell you that we've given them a great smile, bolstered their confidence, improved their self-image, improved their overall health, and more!


At the Dentistry of the Palm Beaches we want your smile to reveal the very best things about you. We truly are beautifying smiles and changing lives. Click on our patients above to read what they are saying.

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Dear Dr. Martel,

I am absolutely, positively thrilled with my new smile. In the short time since we've completed "Phase 1" I've received quite a few compliments on my teeth from friends and family (which I expected), but surprisingly also from several people who I've just met or happen to have some sort of contact with. I've received various comments ranging from; "You have beautiful teeth!" to "What a gorgeous smile" to "you have such a bright smile!" to "Your teeth are so bright and beautiful, do you bleach them?" to "Who's your dentist?" (By the way, I need more business cards!)


I really can't express in words the pure elation I have about my new appearance. I've never thought of myself as vain or over concerned with my looks, but now I've come to realize something truly amazing - how much my old smile affected my personality and brought me down. My new, white, beautiful smile makes me a happier person. It also makes me more confident and outgoing. It's making me more friendly, energetic and approachable. I have an entirely new self-image, and for that, I thank you.


My entire experience with all of you from our first consultation until now has been beyond my expectations. You are all sincerely devoted to your professions and genuinely care about your patients. Through all of your efforts together you create and achieve a professional, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for your patients. In closing, please accept my enormous gratitude for what you all have done for me, from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my teeth!


With Sincere Appreciation,
Holly A.

Dear Dr. Martel,


I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the beautiful change you brought to my smile. I told you I didn't like my smile, and you said you could fix that. Well you did, and I'm very pleased with the results. I always felt that a person's smile made a great difference in their overall appearance, and I never failed to notice a spectacular smile. So whatever the minor inconveniences of the process, the expense and the few office visits were most certainly worth the lifetime of pleasure I'll receive in knowing my smile is being admired. I sometimes forget I have veneers since they feel like my natural teeth, but I'm constantly being reminded by the compliments I receive from family, friends and even strangers.


So thank you once again for the results of your talent and artistry, and to your staff for their kindness and their flexibility in scheduling my appointments. I would highly recommend veneers to anyone who wants to know that their smile is the best it could possibly be. After all, a happy smile can be contagious!


Carol V.

Dear Dr. Martel and Staff,


When I decided to give myself the gift of straight teeth and a beautiful smile for my 42nd birthday, I thought I was in store for years of braces and retainers. I'd already had the braces and retainers for four years, 30 years ago, from ages 9 to 13 and was definitely not looking forward to the experience again!


I was so excited and delighted when you told me what you could do with veneers. At first I really couldn't believe that you could actually make my crooked teeth straight - I never dreamed it could be so simple and painless to have a beautiful smile. The only discomfort I suffered was some mild sensitivity which has now all but disappeared.


Thanks to you, every morning when I look in the mirror, my first thought is, "Wow, my teeth look great!" When I went home to visit my family in Memphis this summer I didn't tell them about my teeth. I wanted to see if they noticed. What they noticed was that I looked younger, healthier and happier.


I smile more, I laugh more and that nagging self-consciousness I had about my teeth is gone. As a school teacher I am constantly speaking in front of the class and in front of parent meetings. I feel so much more confident now that my teeth look so healthy, straight and white. I spend lots of time helping the students develop good self-esteem. Taking care of my teeth made me proud of myself and has sent my self-esteem sky-rocketing!


Thank you Dr. Martel. I've always appreciated your excellent care in the 11 years I've been coming to you. You've always given me great advice - and I love my new smile!


Linda E.

Dear Dr. Martel,


Thank you so much for my new smile! For years I have been self conscious about my smile and how my front teeth looked... until now. I never dreamt that it was possible to be able to smile the way I do today and be so happy with the work that you have done for me.


I can't thank you enough, as both in my personal and professional relationships, my self confidence has been boosted and shines through. I have even had some compliments on my smile for the first time in years!


I will be back to have additional work done on the teeth that aren't quite so visible. You, Hali, and your office staff made the entire process entirely painless and well worth it. I'm extremely thankful for the day I was referred to your! Thanks again!


Patti G.

Dear Dr. Martel,


I've always been conscious of my smile. As a young boy, I should've had braces but chose not to. Ever since then, I've always been hesitant to smile, especially when getting my picture taken. I would always keep my mouth closed. I would notice a lot of people who I came into contact with who had nice teeth and wish that I had them too.


Thank you for telling me about veneers during one of my visits. Even though I put off making a decision for a little while, I'm so glad to finally have the veneers done for my top teeth. I have been very pleased with the results. It has certainly improved my smile and helped me feel better about myself. Now, I'm not afraid to smile in front of a camera.


Furthermore, I'm now thinking of having veneers done on my bottom teeth as well in the future.


Richard F.

Dear Dr. Martel,


I've been waiting to send you a sincere thank you for doing such excellent work on my teeth. I must admit that having my teeth done was a very scary undertaking: I knew that once started, you can't revert back to the original teeth, and I was so afraid the end results wouldn't look natural.


Just sitting in your office looking at the pictures of your work was very reassuring, and gave me the confidence to go ahead. And now that my teeth are done, I find it had to express that extent of my gratitude. They look so natural, and they "fit my face." My new smile has definitely given me an extra boost of self-confidence. All my life I would automatically cover my mouth with my hand when I smiled, but now at work I've been called "Radiant", "Smiley", "Sunshine" and I've been told my smile brightens up the department. I can truly say that thanks to you, my face can finally reflect how happy I feel inside!


Thanks so much,
Sue F.

Dear Dr. Martel,


We saw Courtney and I wanted to compliment you on the most beautiful ceramic veneers I have seen in a very long time.

Courtney is also extremely pleased with her smile. Thank you for putting the icing on the cake! It is always a pleasure working with you to create these beautiful smiles.



Dear Dr. Martel,


Dr. Martel has returned something to me that I thought was lost forever... a freedom... a joy... pleasure in laughter and a smile that is simply gorgeous. Today I smile from ear to ear without worry... without embarrassment, without hesitation or the fear of being evaluated or criticized. For the first time in 15 years I am filled with confidence and enthusiasm. I once again have a keen sense of security when I open my mouth. I never realized all these emotions were so deeply rooted in ones smile. I had no idea that the condition of my teeth carried so much emotional baggage until my teeth were made beautiful again. And the added bonus to all of the above is that I now look 15 years younger than my chronological age.


I will forever be in Dr. Martel's debt. I will forever be thankful for that summer day when I walked into my cleaners on A1A in Boynton Beach and saw a picture of a smile on a business card... picked it up and said out loud... "I want that... I want that smile". I put the card in my pocket... I phoned the number when I returned home... and I made an appointment that has impacted my life and changed me forever.


With deepest appreciation,
Karen L.

Dear Dr. Martel and Staff,


I wanted to send a little thank you note to a group of people who gave me something to grin about. I haven't smiled since second grade picture day. Countless times in my life I've heard that I would have a pretty face if I didn't have a gap in my teeth. The first time I walked into your office I knew I was in capable and compassionate hands. Your staff treats everyone like family and really takes an interest in you as an individual. Thanks to all of you, after twenty years I can smile with confidence.


Laura S.

Dear Dr. Martel,


As a patient of yours, I want to state how pleased I am that Rachel recommended you to me. Having studied dental technology I am amazed how far we have come in the field, including cosmetic dentistry. You use the very latest, up-to-date equipment and keep up with the latest technology as it becomes available. The office staff is very professional, as well as friendly and caring.


As a patient, I am extremely happy with the outcome of the work you have done and can highly recommend you to anyone.


Sincerely yours,
Kaija K.